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Blood results help please


Hi- I have posted all my previous results on thyroid uk, I have numerous longstanding symptoms such as exhaustion, headaches, anxiety, ibs, skin problems.

My serum b12 came back as 228 so I had active b12 done privately which came back as 47.

My thyroid results are below. I’m unsure whether I should go on and have MMA tested- I can’t really afford more private blood tests!

Any advice welcome on trying to pin down why I always feel like crap!

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Oh, and my folate level is 4, my ferritin is 5 my hb is 109 g/l- microcytic anaemia. Not supplementing yet as have a colonoscopy in a week

You need to tell us the ranges and units of your tests.

Chris1802p in reply to fbirder


TSH: 2.8 mu/l 0.27-4.20 mu/l

Calcium 2.18 mmol/l 2.15-2.55 mmol/l

Vit D: 31 (gp has advised supplements)

haemoglobin estimation 109g/l 120-150 g/l

Ferritin: 5ug/l 13-150ug/l

B12: 228pg/ml 180-914 pg/ml

Active B12: 47.8 pmol/l 25.10-165 pmol/l

Serum Folate: 4.4 ng/ml 3.10- 20.00 ng/ml

ESR: 31 mm/h 0-12mm/h

Coeliac screen IgA 0.8 IgG 0.9 sorry haven't got the ref ranges to hand for this

fbirder in reply to Chris1802p

So your Active B12 is almost double the bottom of the range. I doubt any doctor will think B12 is a problem.

However, your haemaglobin and ferritin are both low, suggesting iron-deficiency anaemia. That could account for some of your symptoms.

Chris1802p in reply to fbirder

thank you

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