Help with blood results

Help with blood results


So I went for my full blood count including folate b12 and intrinsic factor ( I can't see that on there)??

Same as before " no further action "

The folate range was different in the private test I did , is 9.1 good??

Obviously the b12 is low and my thyroid values have changed for the worse too, I was 0.9 TSH (0.27-4.20 )

My t4 is not good now, it was 17.64 12-22 it's now 11.3 (8.4-9.1)

And the IF wasn't fine and it was written on sheet, I can't address the thyroid until my b12 is higher.



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  • The interpretation of your results quite clearly states that treatment should be given if you show symptoms of a B12 deficiency. Do you have such symptoms? Did they do a blood analysis that includes Mean Cell Volume to look for macrocytosis?

  • I do plenty , dizzy tired headaches eye pain foggy thinking and just so fatigued , full blood count was all fine, just waiting for IF ( can take 4 weeks)??

    If that comes back ok I'm still entitled to have them, so god knows! Have to self inject. My folate has dropped in 2 weeks too. So all makes sense really as thyroid was great 2 weeks ago too. It's affecting that now. I've told her about guidelines and she's not interested x

  • Folate is 9 range 2.5-9999 could that be higher?

  • really don't understand the range that appears to be given - the top end is far to high if it is a quoted reference range. If it is indicating the levels that could be okay then generally high serum folate isn't a problem so it could be that.

    The normal range for serum folate is somewhere around 2-20ng/L (depends on exact method) so your folate would appear to be okay.

  • On my private test it said I was 24 for folate range being 10.4 -42.4, so have I come down to 9? I've been told folate needs to be 17 to help b12. Is that true? So much to take in, think I'm going to self inject as the drs are saying no for Action even thought the form attached says to treat , 🤔😏 thank u for your help

  • No - just different units being used - the range on the private blood tests was nmol/L. In both cases the level you have is just in the bottom half of the range so it wouldn't hurt to get it a bit higher but certainly no need to do that by injection folate - for most people a folic acid tablet works fine - though the best source is definitely dietary.

  • I'll get the high one, sorry I meant inject b12, the doctors aren't going to, so what option do I have. Thank u for clearing that up, I'll order some now!

  • Have you pointed out to your GP that although the top may say 'no further action' the results for B12 indicate that they should evaluate you for neurological symptoms or evidence of macrocytosis as the B12 serum test on its own is not a good guide to whether B12 deficiency is involved?

  • Yes I did , she said I'm in range!! My FBC came back today fine, but the intrinsic factor takes Longer than 3 days? So waiting for that , think I'll start folic acid and seleniumand magnessium now. Then look to buying what I need , frustrating isn't it x

  • My tsh was also 0.9 when I first started treatment 9 months ago. I still suspect I have some underlying thyroid issue but no doctor seems to.

    Your folate needs to come up. Mine was about 6 at the beginning but is 20 now.

  • Thank u, how do u supplimemt folic acid ? The higher one or the basic amount .. I'm waiting for the antibodies test , I may start supplementing folate now. Once it's higher can I taper off to the lower one?


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