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After my second 1 ml injection, my brain felt clear and more functioning this morning and today. Does it stay?

I dont mind the ups and downs with body symptoms. It's just more difficult with brain ones.

I hope it all levels out, it seems that way.

Just wondering what to expect.

Thank you.

Also, seems after every injection, I do get better. Brain that is. Just occasional tiredness?

Brain impairment seems to be fading.

Ill try to post what I feel after third injection.

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I agree. Brain stuff is harder to cope with. For me both physical and mental symptoms continued to improve through loading doses but the effects only lasted 6 weeks and gradually everything returned. I read from other people that the improvements are cumulative over months.


Thank you so much!

Symptoms returned?


Yes. :( Noticeably after six weeks, bad as before treatment after eight, worse than ever now at ten weeks. 37 hours until my next injection though and I've been referred privately so hopefully I won't have to go through the same again next cycle.


Im sorry. Did you need more injections?


I think one a month would be about right for me but the NHS only authorise three monthly ones.


So you think that's why you got 'worse'?


Absolutely. Other countries treat with 1mg injections weekly for life. I'm hoping that I can get Active B12 tests done privately to prove to my GP that I need more B12 but the posts here are not giving me much hope so I've ordered self-injection supplies in case I have no luck.


Hi Fiona, if you are having symptoms involving the brain, the advice is for jabs every 2 months in the guidelines. I must admit initially I struggled with my GP but I printed some documentation out from the PAS and took it with me to an appointment. I also wrote a letter prior to going so that the dr had chance to digest it before I turned up. I have kept a diary of symptoms for 18 months now and my surgery has agreed to more frequent injections. I know that I am lucky as others have not experienced this but the perseverance has paid off for me. Although getting to this stage has been difficult and I have been tired for much of the time along with everything else that goes with this deficiency. Good luck.


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