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How often please?


I have done every other day B12 injections (self injecting) & have now done 7. My pins & needles have gone, my aching small joints have gone, I have more energy (not fully energetic but I’m certainly feeling it), am sleeping a nearly normal amount of hours (about 2 more than most but 3/4 hours less than I was for years) & at normal times, my libido is creeping back slowly, I’m doing more with interest, and generally feeling fresher.

The memory is still poor, I’m still drained after a 1 hour Pilates class, my brain is still foggy a lot of the day and I get tired doing simple house tasks (organising house for renovation, so sorting through things to go into storage type things).

I had 7 loading doses from the NHS last year & had the same effect but 4 days later everything was back with a bang so I’m wondering if I should carry on every other day until I have a better memory, can do a simple Pilates class & feel good from it & am generally as close to be being me again as I think I’ll get being 9 years older than when I was last ‘me’... does this sound like a good plan? If so then how often should I SI after the loading dose as I’m petrified of leaving it too long & everything coming back seemed me back to a miserable, aching lump on the sofa!

I am taking vitamin D, magnesium, folate & K3.

I don’t know what I’d do without the help from this site so I thank you in advance

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loading should really go on until your symptoms stop improving - that doesn't guarantee that everything will go but carry on until you stop feeling that there is an improvement.

After that maintenance doses should be determined by when the symptoms start to return - and sounds as if that is probably 2-3 days at the outside

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Thank you I shall indeed continue then.

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