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How often to self-inject?


Since my 5 loading doses in December (all the GP would give me) I’ve been self-injecting once a week. I tried taking this to every two weeks because I wanted to see if that would work and within 10 days most of my neurological symptoms came back, so I had another dose. I feel like I’m maintaining on 1 a week, but not thriving (also taking a strong B complex to support it). Should I try something closer to loading doses - every other day - for a while?

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B12 isn't toxic so it won't hurt to try more frequently. How frequently you need shots is very individual - all you can do is listen to your symptoms and respond to those - 10 days is obviously the maximum.

Hi Kookookichoo I see you are another casualty of Gloucestershire's outdated (2005) B12 deficiency Guidelines. Mine wouldn't budge either even when I showed them the BMJ Guidelines "We don't do that" he said and didn't.

Good luck with your self inj. I would and do take as many as I need, as many as makes me feel better.

Yep! My GP wanted to but the senior practice GP wouldn’t budge. They have shown me how to self inject though. It’s absurd.

I think it's money money money.

Yep, I have friends in much more serious meds who are having them withdrawn.

Oh dear.

However if you ever need cataracts done Glos. is excellent and I had a super consultant/surgeon for ENT.

Do once weekly as your symptoms return in 10 days. What you’re doing is right, to inject before return of symptoms. Also Folic Acid is very important.

After 3-4 months you might feel you need less. Then you can try once every 2 weeks but if you get return of symptoms before 2 weeks then you’ll have to inject before return of symptoms. It’s trial and error as everyone responds differently but that’s the general idea, (To inject before return of symptoms).

If your Folate is low you need to take Folic Acid. Also good to know you’re not low on Vit D and Iron (Ferritin) as they can give you some similar symptoms,

You don’t need to inject more than you need to.

I was on 1 per week for about 16 weeks, then went down to 1 per month, found than symptoms return in 3rd week so injected every 2 weeks. Now my permanent dose is 1 every 2 weeks as I don’t have return of symptoms until 3rd week.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, yes am taking a b complex including folate (I can’t metabolise folic acid apparently) and iron tablets as am also low in both of those. Trying to get to the bottom of why!

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