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Mixing it ?


The kind gentlemen at my local surgery have reduced my monthly hydroxocobalamin shots from 4 weekly to 8 weekly this was after they tried to change it to 12 weeks but I fought back and we compromised at 8, but cannot cope with things as they are. My question is this, I am a frequent visitor to the Canary Islands and I found that I could buy cyanocobalamin OTC, this being the default treatment in Spain, from the local chemist, I got 25 ampules for 11 euros, great price if I can use it but will it cause any problems at all if I use this to supplement the hydroxo shots?

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clivealiveForum Support

Hi foskid I can see no reason why not although cyanocobamalin is normally injected every four weeks as a rule.

I have been on cyano for 46 years and I supplement between injections with an oral methylcobamalin B12 spray between times.

1mg of cobamalin is the same amount whether cyano, hydroxo or methyl.

Have you checked your Folate level lately?

I'm not a medically trained person.

I wish you well


no problems with mixing cyano injections and hydroxo injections. On average people don't retain cyanocobalamin in their systems as long as they retain hydroxo so you may need to inject a little more frequently - monito your symptoms

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