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Painful ribs and spine


Often have a lot of pain in my ribs, spine, shoulder blades and sometime tops of shoulders. Yesterday and today worst it's been for a while. Do any others experience these pains? Would getting the injections cause a worsening of these symptoms? I got my 2 monthly injection on Wednesday. I take paracetamol which helps a little depending on the amount of pain.

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I get a lot of pain mainly on my left side, it's usually my hip, wrist, fingers and ankle and when i get up in the morning i am very stiff all over. This has been long term for me so I don't know if it is something else causing it. I self inject every 3 weeks with the doctors permission. Sorry I can't be more help but you are not alone

I used to get very painful chest and heart “stabs” that would floor me which with more b12 jabs gradually became intense discomfort and unpleasantness now 6 months on (and jabs every two days / as symptoms show) there’s still the odd stab but it’s honestly nothing by comparison now...

Pherhaps not quite the same as you but maybe similar,,, I should also point out there were other symptoms like weakness shaking breathing difficulty iIBS , wheelchair bound to name a few but all gone now for most part with more regular doses, seems my old docs just refused to give me amount I needed to live... anyway similar area to rib pain and I had spine shoots and shudders so your not alone

On the pain front I found the b12 higher dose really helped... literally more than the codiene drs gave me... but if you can’t get b12 easily in my case the codiene changed pain to discomfort and unpleasantness but still better than. The pain, again b12 fixed it all slowly but way better tha. The painkillers ever did...I’m not a doctor though , so what worked for me could be an entirely different matter for you, these days codiene level painkillers are only maybe once every few months when the jab doesn’t fix stuff and it’s one of the bad nerve pain times... so rare

Hi Fudgemanjim. Thankyou for your reply. You must be having a difficult time. Do you self inject or does your doctor give you on prescriptions? I am in North Isles of Scotland and in the UK the doctors for the most part are very much in ignorance about Pernicious Anaemia. I am shocked at the lack of knowledge or interest they display. It's something the Government needs to address and sooner rather than later. Take care and I wish you all the very best.

Hi Margaret S, thanks but no not so hard now...before it was horrible but now it’s just the one odd scary moment but rare and still child’s play compared to before... which is also why I’d recommend treating more as an option before it gets worse ... like yourself I was in UK (well your Scotland I know) but my point is the drs can be just as ignorant of. PA (similar to b12 def ) they told me my condition had no symptoms I spent 2 years seeing a phyc who agreed was b12 not phyc issue (GP ignored her letters) we spent lots of money on private non nhs drs when the wheelchair times and the shaking got especially bad and nhs still ignored ... many checks later at great cost they dcould not figure out what was up (I’d always said b12 but by this point I’d been told so much b12 was not possible I wound up believing them)

Anyway long story short my partner was sickened by treatment in UK (she’s French ) and took me to her drs in her country (her grandads a doc too so had a few advantages) they took a look at 2 specialists (much much cheaper than il and second one noticed my PA and just instantly knew what was up...stunned il doctors ignored, so he gave me jab and we got more taking them back and forth to uk as I healed , lost my beloved job over all this time but I was just too sick... the il docs saw me getting better and still said in my head (unlike Paris ones)

Important thing is I’ve now moved to France and I’m walking , just started a new job (even if it is a sit down one) and pharmacy’s do b12 java no prescription and I have cheap access to doctors that understand my condition more... still got to do a few more ct scans and stuff to see what damage under treatment may have been done to heart storage and so one but lungs only minor damage .. just got to stay in my current job 3 months so I qualify for dr discount before do all the tests ) but easier each day gone from funeral preparations and all that palava to well enough to work all due to this more frequent treatment ... angry uk docs still won’t admit there wrong but it doesn’t matter point is how much healthier I am now,,, best bits no chair,,, main focus now is fatigue and memory issues but scary pain and shakes basically gone... I tried to sue but apparently because mistreatment went on 5 years there’s a 3 year limit to claim or some rubbish... anyway focus on healing... as for yourself you could do as I did and travel abroad for jabs an take to UK but I can see why you wouldn’t want to. Most eu country’s know b12 harmless so sell injectable forms of it.. I get 7 vails for 2 euro ... it’ll be one euro once I’ve worked here another 2 months.. other option is order online which I still can’t trust , but many people do and highly recommend it ... plus you’d want doctors who know what there on about of your quite ill ... I started with odd bad chest pain then got much much much worse so be careful... of course we’re all different and your issue may not be same as mine... also I may have other issues (especially concerning heart and stoma he due to lack of treatment before (I was on one every 2 months)

I also take folic acid along with a few other vits because as I healed I was better but symptoms came back quicker and quicker... other vitinans getting used up quicker as b12 ds loads of healing or something ... so watch out for that

There is a petition online on this forum to make b12 avalible to il pharmacy’s no prescription like everyweee else. But that want change GPS not understanding properly there

I’ll st stop ranting now or this post will go on, not intended to scare, hope is if your experiencing similar you’ll know not alone in it all I hope your well soon and the chest pain lessens :)

I can’t remember if said but I self inject I don’t need it prescribed here but I have it prescribed anyway as it saves money, in il of still be shaking jobless and probably much worse than chair and all the stuff described before, which is a shame as I did so love the nhs before this illness worsened, now I refuse treatment there as just no trust , if they could let me get like I did when other doctors spotted so quick the ... well yeah ... also people in here are a fantastic help, clivealive sleepybun y and gambit especially :)

Hi again Fudgemanjim. Thankyou so much for sharing your journey. It's been a horrific journey for you. So glad you are getting help and at least able to work again. I buy the B12 patches and they certainly help. They kinda keep me going until next injection. You are so right about the fantastic people we have on here. The three you mentioned have so much knowledge and they and others have been a great encouragement to me as well. A big THANKYOU to them all. Hope things get better for you Fudgemanjim. 😊

By the way some of my posts may not. Be to accurate timescale wise, other posts I’ve done may be I dunno, as I said my memory is last thing to recover it seems :)

Don't worry..I think most of us do so we understand ☺

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