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High cholesterol


My blood was tested this past Friday and the results came back today. I don’t have a copy but everything was “normal” except I now have high cholesterol. I’ve also put on about 15 pounds in weight.

I’m pretty certain it is all due to diet. I eat too much after my weekly cyano jab.

My GP wants to put me on a statin medication for the cholesterol. He is also wanting to check my kidney function in a month to ensure that the statin is not harming my kidneys, so I’m immediately suspicious.

Are there any concerns about B12 deficiencies or B12 injections/ vitamin supplements and statin medications?

My first reaction is to change my diet to have more fresh veg and cut down on fats.

I also need to exercise more but i’ve developed some bad habits with the extremely cold winter.

Any thoughts?

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Raised cholesterol and the weight gain - may suggest a Thyroid problem. Back in the 70's before Thyroid testing could confirm an issue - anyone with raised cholesterol had their thyroids treated :-)

We need cholesterol in our bodies - it is naturally produced there and for good reason. Our brains need it - almost 25% of our brains are cholesterol and with almost 12 million people in the UK on a Statin is it any wonder Dementia and other neurological conditions abound.

Cholesterol is also involved in the production of so many hormones. Statins also cause heart disease as they block the production of VitK2-MK7 - a vitamin that directs calcium out of the arteries and into bones and teeth. One of the causes of atherosclerosis - blockages in the arteries. See research paper below !


CoQ10 also uses the same pathway and is also blocked - hence the muscle weakness - as CoQ10 is the energy spark in our cells.

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease - Homocysteine is a better indicator of cardiac events and stroke - and as we know can be raised in the presence of Low B12. Also Stress - Dr Malcolm Kendrick has written over 40 Blogs about - What Causes Heart Disease - and is author of the book - The Cholesterol Con.


You can have a perfectly functioning thyroid producing T4 - which is a storage hormone - but that must convert into the Active hormone T3 - rarely tested :-( - and needed in every cell of your body. Cholesterol is like a sticking plaster and is sent to the inflamed area within the arteries to help it heal .... VitC also considered very important. Check out Dr Mathias Rath on YouTube.

Many apologies for not having read your previous posts - am dashing out soon !

Over 80% of cholesterol is produced in the body and your body needs good fats - especially the brain !


many statins do seem to interfere with B12 but there are a few that seem to improve B12 function - but don't ask me to trot them out - did some research a few years ago when my mother was having significant health problems (MODY diabetic and on metformin at the time though was well over the age where it's not recommended as a treatment).

I would ask the doctor for more information about the statin he was thinking of using and yes, there is unlikely to be much harm in trying change of diet first.

However, as Marz says would be good to make sure that the thyroid has been properly checked (eg looked for anti-bodies as well as T3, T4 and TSH - general tendency is to look at TSH and then go no further - 40% of people with PA seem to go on to develop hashimotos.

Just to note I had the opposite - my cholesterol was high before I started B12 jabs. I didn't want to think about statins, so I said I'd wait and see. 18 months later, and now my cholesterol is a nice healthy number. I've not changed my diet or how much I exercise - I put it entirely down to enough B12!

Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering whether high cholesterol was another indication of low B12.

This reinforces the research I did almost 10 years ago when I had my gall bladder out. Gall stones are mainly cholesterol.

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