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Mma Results. Creatine unsure?

My Results without ranges. They didn't have any. 24hr urine sample test.

1.6 g/l - methymalonic acid

0.93 g/l - creatine (low)

1.7 g/l - mma/creatine

All it says is to speak to doctor about kidney function.

Can anyone shed some light for me atleast while I'm away on holiday.

I'm having B12 injections now privately but not when I had the test done.

I am also being seen by a colorectal surgeon has I have suffered chronic constipation generally and then diarreah during my period which has caused a fissure and maybe further problems inside. So they are going to investigate. I am already a celiac so I've got alot going on atm.

Does anyone else suffer like me but got nothing conclusive and keep getting fobbed off with stress anxiety depression etc. Well of course I'm miserable, I'm always in pain!


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SunnyK, could you double check the units above - think that the unit for MMA should be mg/L rather than g/L, and think MMA/Creatinine should be mg/g

assuming this is the case then your MMA isn't raised, and your MMA/Creatinine level is also in the range where it wouldn't be seen as flagging a B12 deficiency.

not sure why the lab would have flagged up the need to speak to GP about kidney function as your creatinine also looks as if it is in range. Whilst high creatinine levels can be a good indicator of kidney problems - but think low creatinine is more an indicator of loss of muscle mass rather than kidney problems.


Hi yes it is mg/l. My mistake. Creatine is g/l.

Thanks for reading them. I read that low folate can cause problems with this test.

My folate is low @ 2.1. I posted it previously. Doctor has given me folic acid tablet once per week. I have had two b12 injections each week too but not seen any improvements. I pay for these because Nhs doctor said borderline b12 is "perfectly normal". There's nothing normal about me.

I can understand muscle weakness as I have plantar fascitis and struggling to walk anywhere now plus out of breath too.

I'll send results to doctor but I just would rather not anymore. I don't know where to turn anymore.



B12 affects MMA - don't think folate is involved at all. Folate cause high homocysteine.

The symptoms of folate deficiency are very similar to those of B12 deficiency and the symptoms of B12 deficiency include muscle weakness and plantar fascitis, and breathlessness

Assuming that you have a decent amount of folate in your diet the chances are that the absorption problem that caused low folate will also affect folate absorption.

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Thanks for the links. I have just read the b12 one. This does clarify that I am borderline at 1.7 mg/l just shy of the 1.8 mg/l to consider suppleenting. Which I did but no improvement so having injections now. Probably because of my bowel problems and celiac disease. If I was totally under the 1.5 i could understand being normal.

That's really helped me understand it better. Thank you.


Yes probably but I don't know how else to supplement folic acid. I'm basically just doing what the doctor says but sometimes I don't think that advice reflects the way I feel.

I have been on 2000 international units of vit d for 4 months and my vit d rose from 38 to 51. Still under but she was happy with that.


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