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B12 advice migraines


If b12 deficiency is cause of migraines.how much time it will take to last. Please give the advice.all the symptoms which I had is gone except headaches.

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But migraines are listed under b12 deficiency symptoms as per experts.migraine started when I find it's b12 deficiency.please give your advice.

Already done. Everything is fine bro.

Are you a forum administrator?

I do believe that migraines are related to B12 deficiency, it was one of the first questions my haematologist asked if I suffer from. I don't personally, but if you search previous post I'm sure you will find some that do! Have you had iron and folate checked too? All three work together.

No I didn't get checked those two bro.but I'm taking folic acid through oral.

That's good, but check levels before supplementing iron- too much can be detrimental to your health. Depending on how long, how low etc deficiency of B12 is different for everyone. Migraines could be caused by all different reasons, but I think reasons given by Shash23 for migraines maybe a little...erm unnecessary.

OK bro thanks for quick and positive response.really appreciate it.


Shash23, there are many possible causes of migraines. I would not personally have linked migraines to either tumour or stroke though both tumour and stroke can both cause severe headaches and the symptoms associated with migraines in some people can be very similar to stroke - though they are temporary.

Migraine like headaches are certainly associated with B12 deficiency. I found that my migraines got worse in the period before I was diagnosed as being B12 deficiency.

My migraines diminished within a month or two. Still there but a lot less frequent , less severe and reduced in time( 1 day instead of 3) . Have you had a check for Folic acid and magnesium and vitamin D? On this site someone mentions to take vitamin B2 400mg a day. I tried that a week or two, but hasn’t shown anymore improvements, I get indigestion from taking too many supplements so only take them for awhile when a blood-test shows I need to.

thanks for your info bro.why it is suddenly come into the picture when i have b12 deficiency?do you have any idea?

I have never had a migraine, but I had one visual migraine aura (a flashing blind patch just to the right of fixation, both eyes) before my peripheral neuropathy and other B12 deficiency symptoms started. It started a few hours after 90 minutes of high intensity aerobic exercise (cycling), and lasted about an hour. I suspect it was caused by a high homocysteine level. Homocysteine is known to increase during endurance exercise. In individuals who are B12 replete it comes down rapidly, but in B12 deficient individuals it continues to rise or stays elevated for hours.


thanks Martin_12 for your reply in the initial day i had headache but now feeling something like lazy head and blurred vision and concerntration problems. i came out from all the symptoms which i had like walking and balancing probems,vertigo,needle sensations,pains and etc.

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