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Vitamins and sleep disorder (VitD)

Hello all,

In my desperate research about me not able to sleep and lots of other symptoms like fast heart rate and headaches, dizziness and numbness, pins and needles, depression and anxiety I have found this site, link below, that it is very interesting and I want to share with you and if you have time to read it all and to share your opinions will be great.


I can say that could explain a lot about vitamins, sleep and body connections.

And I can say that I am D3 deficiency from September 2017.

Thank you xxx

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site does appear to be a promotional site for a vitamin supplement.

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What has this got to do with PA?


It is related to B's vitamins as well, all 8 B vitamins including b12, and vitamin d3.

But most her research is related to D3 deficiency and why our body need D3 with a combination of the other 8 B vitamins to help the body functions.

I thought that may explains something about lack of vitamins, sleep and body functions.

Nothing relating with PA I think.


This has confused me. Sorry don't understand. But thank you anyway.


I can only see pages on the website selling books all connected to some sleep theory and nothing on PA or B12 deficiencies, am I missing something or is this just a commercial link to a site that doesn't link back to this PA forum lol?


article 3.6.6 *cough cough*


Nothing related with PA just with relationships between vitamins and sleep



"Vitamin D affects intestinal bacteria and the production of B vitamins:

The 8 B vitamins that we need have always been supplied by the “healthy” summer intestinal bacteria. In fact, we normally trade the bacteria our vitamin D for the B’s they produce. But when we don’t have enough D to pass down to them the good bacteria die off and are replaced by the “winter” bacteria who can’t make B vitamins. Therefore Vitamin D deficiency is usually a combination of D and B vitamin deficiencies.

If you intend to use vitamin D to sleep better you will need to supply vitamin D and the B vitamins."

I tought an interesting point of view.

If you press Menu will see more inside the site.

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Vitamins and minerals are important to sleep patterns but most of the statements about vitamin B12 in the link provided are at best misguided.

I'm not aware of anything that says vitamin D deficiency causes B12 absorption problems and would be very sceptical about any claims that treating a vitamin D deficiency will cure a B12 absorption problem

The article also seems to promote oral supplements over injections - whilst high dose oral can be very effective and some patients do find it suits them better saying categorically that it is a better option than injection is going a bit far and flies in the face of the experience of many on this forum ... and misrepresents the output from the few larger scale studies that have been done on oral v injections - which shows significant numbers of patients who did prefer injections.


I know that, but I think is a good point of view about the connection to a vitamin deficiency and sleep patterns.

How can a deficiency can affect the body and how can one deficiency can lead to another.

Anyway I've posted it to find out your opinion. 😊


Ioana_17 - let me be very clear - vitamin D deficiency will not cause vitamin B12 deficiency - nor will correcting a vitamin D deficiency correct a B12 deficiency. It is common for B12 deficiency and vitamin D deficiency to occur at the same time - which is because the mechanisms that cause B12 deficiency will also affect the absorption of other minerals and vitamins.

The article is at best misleading, at worst positively dangerous in giving this impression.


🤔🤔🙄 Now I'm confused. Not with yours as you have helped me realise and understand. X


Thank you All for your advise for me. Kitty 🤗


Great link.


What I understood from this research is that lack of vitamins can disturb your sleep, and that the sleep is the most important because when we sleep our body is reparing thru the help of the chemicals all the parts that were damaged.

If you have vitamins and minerals deficiency you can not have a good sleep and your body can not process a good healing and you are waking up with pain and no energy.

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Yes Magnesium has been marvellous to get me to have a great nights sleep, thoroughly recommend.


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