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PA, thyroid, RA and now low platlets and enlarged ovary...low milage Lol

I have PA and under active thyroid.have now been told my ovary is enlarged and I also have low platlets in my there a link to either conditions or something else not linked.I also have rheumatoid arthritis.Dr says my platelets have fluctuations of lows in the last six months.anyone got any ideas feel like I'm falling apart and not ready too yet.

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sorry to hear that you have so much going on - the large ovaries could be a sign of PCOS which, I believe is very common in hypothyroidism - you might find it helpful to post on TUK if you haven't done so already. Hypothyroidism and PA are also a common combination - particularly if the hypothyroidism is auto-immune.

Not sure how PA impacts on platelets but it is quite common for people who start treatment for b12 deficiency to notice that they don't bleed so much, was certainly true for me - but my platelets were never reported as being low.

One theory for the strong link between thyroiditis and PA is that the cells that form the gut and those that form the thyroid start off as the same cells in embryos so if you have an auto-immune condition that means antibodies are attacking cells of one then there is a good chance that there will also be antibodies attacking the other.

Both hypothyroidism and PA, correctly managed, don't need to impact on your life much beyond ensuring you get the treatment you need though starting with both, and figuring out what exactly is the right treatment can be a real period of adjustment


Thanks for your input, I hope life will return to normal but have been feeling ill for few years now so I think progress is slow mainly because treatment differs so much depending on the Dr and there understanding of conditions.feel like an uphill struggle at the moment.

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