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Advice on where to purchase hydroxocobalamin injection 1mg/1m online, as doctor stopped prescribing

I am new to this site and looking for advice as to where i could purchase hydroxocobalamin injection 1mg/1ml online?

I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia when was 30yrs old and was getting regular B12 shots, every 12 weeks for 10yrs. My surgery got some new doctors who reviewed everyones medication and after a blood test, I was told that I no longer required my injections. This has had a detrimental impact on me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Pernicious Anaemia is for life, go back to your doctor and get them to reinstate your injections. Tell them how your symptoms have changed since your last shot. I'm sure others will post more detailed instructions...

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I am going to go my doctor tomorrow and demand they do more blood tests. I want them to give me copies of my tests which diagnosed that I had pernicious anaemia and the most recent ones, which they claim shows that I now do not have it. I said to them that Pernicious Anaemia was a life long illness and they said that they believe that I must have been misdiagnosed. This was after them taking a blood test for B12...5 days after I had my injection! I have not had an injection for about 1 1/2 year and have most of my symptoms back again, lemon tint to skin and eyes, unable to focus and memory is almost nonexistent, restless legs, palpitations, pains, anxiety and depression.

I have been back several time complaining of pains and tiredness and they said that it may be possible that I had ME. I was perfectly fine when having my B12 injections and do not think I have ME.

I only found this page whilst in desperation, searching for B12 to administer myself.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks to information from PAS members I have just ordered hydroxocobalamin from Germany "VersandApo de. English" with no problem. Medisave is used for other supplies needed.

As for asking your GP to reinstate your injections -'Good luck' ! We know that "PA is for life" but - - -


Thank you so much!!! I have ordered the injections and supplies, I can't believe how excited I am about making such a purchase...I normally get excited about getting some nice clothes or booking a holiday but this I need more!

I will be going to see my doctor tomorrow and I want copies of past and recent blood tests, and I want new ones done to.

When think they know best, so when they say you don't need it anymore you believe them because you respect their position and think they know best but my body knows better.

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction, it is greatly appreciated!


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