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PA and Anemia

Hi all. I have a question. I've had PA for a while now. My levels are staying steady at 600 with weekly injections and daily b12 sublingals. My question is, with levels steady shouldn't my rbc be steady too? I'm trying to prepare for 2 different oncology appts coming up and am told they've narrowed it down to TB or lymphoma. I guess both have very similar symptoms and testing. My rbc keeps dropping, keep losing weight and can't seem to put any back on(I'm 95 pounds now from 130) my lymp absolute is rising and new lymp nodes keep popping up. If I know my rbc does keep dropping with PA regardless improved b12, it would ease my mind a bit. Thanks for any help or ideas💗

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rbc (red blood cell count) isn't a test that is really linked to B12deficiency - other factors in a full blood count - measuring the shape and size of your red blood cells can indicate B12 deficiency - if it shows macrocytic anaemia which is one of the symptoms of a B12 deficiency


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Thanks Gambit62. I have high MCV too, but knew that was part of PA. I did think low red blood cells were too tho. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll keep you posted on what the docs say. Have an appt on 16th and 25th


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