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Self Injecting

Hi all,

So I have been having B12 injections every 3 months for a while. I always have to book in with the Nurse at my practice. I am due the 22nd this month and I am feeling it this month but my docs have just cancelled on me and I cant get another appointment until the 5th Jan !!! Can you self inject? if so how do you go about it. Thank you all xx

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I was taught how to self inject at the beginning of the year however some drs Surgery's aren't happy to do this and many also won't supply your syringes and needles. It's fairly simple once you know but it's important to know where to insert the needle as well as removal all air bubbles from the syringe. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials, just search intramuscular B12 injecting.

Hope this helps

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You can obtain the necessary B12 ampoules( Hydroxocobalamin) from German online pharmacies , witout a prescription ( only obtainable In the U.K. on prescription ) The one I use is called

versandapo.de in English You can buy them in multiples of 10 for £8.99. Or 100 for £52.90

Needles swabs sharps box and syringes obtainable from Medisave .

Watch utube videos for info how to inject into your thigh . . It is wonderful to take charge of your health . It will become routine in no time , and you will wish that you had done it long ago Very Best wishes to you . .


As well as watching YouTube tutorials, maybe go see your local friendly pharmacist as many will be trained in IM injection technique as they give the flu jabs IM. They should at least be able to tell you where to inject I would imagine, although some jobs worths might be reluctant to do so


It’s very easy to self inject in your thigh(I learned from YouTube).

Depends which country you’re in but B12 you can get from Versandapo de site.

Pharmacies in uk supply you with free syringes, needles etc full pack. You ask for 2ml syringe kit for intermuscular use to inject into muscle not intravenous which is for injecting in to your vein.

It’s usually called a ‘steroid pack’ of syringes in uk.

If you’re not in uk you may need to purchase syringes, needles, alcohol wipes and needle disposal bin online.

Try your local pharmacy first.


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