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New doctor refused my b12

Saw lead clinical manager after my b12 showed nearly 1000 dont know if its to high but folate dropped again i have pa if i had small bowel removed then says a op age twelve wats for chrone disease i dint even no about i forgt but will this mean i dont have the instinct factor she said im not aneamic i told her its always high but other bloods mite b low she said shes writing to some consultant cant remember who tho az i told her about all info off here but try contidict me The nurse did give it me but said i can have them every six month will i b affected by the change thanks

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sorry to hear about this Leigh - yes likely that you will notice your health deterioriating - what frequency were you on before and when did you notice symptoms coming back.

Suggest you look at Sleepybunny 's profile and one of her replies and contact the PAS directly - though you will probably need to join.


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