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Support for PA and B12 deficiency

Hi All,

I thought it might be useful to have a list of all the support groups, conferences, events linked to B12 that people are aware of.

Please add to this thread if you can think of others

PAS Support Groups in UK


Contact details available to PAS members.






South Wales


Anglesey and North Wales

isle of Man

There are PAS regional meetings planned for London on Saturday, 21 October and Edinburgh on 11 November. More details on PAS website.

PAS support groups in Rest of World

St Louis, Missouri. USA

Perth, Western Australia has meetings in Durham area


There is a Kilmarnock Thyroid & B12d Support Group.

I think they post details of meetings on Thyroid UK forum on HU.

Is anyone aware of other B12 support groups in Scotland, NI or rest of Ireland?

B12 Deficiency Info

Unfortunately the 2017 conferences in Loughborough and London were cancelled.

European B12 support groups

I think there are several support groups in the Netherlands connected to Stichting Tekort.

I'm not aware of any PA or B12 deficiency support groups outside UK and Europe other than 2 PAS groups.

Facebook B12 group

Link to Facebook group in this link from B12 Deficiency Info

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Thanks Sleepybunny :-)

I completely missed that they'd arranged dates and venues etc for the regional meetings. Have just signed up for one of them as a result of your post (hopefully!). Fingers crossed there is still space!


I did find a website for a Scottish group called "The B12 Society".

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Not come across that before, thanks!


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