Hi, well since finishing my loading dose last fri I have now slept for 3 nights in a row! The heart palps seem to of lessened too 😊 the vomiting has subsided although I do get bouts of nausea! My brain feels very very odd tho and the left side of my body doesn't seem to want to correspond with my brain well. Also my vision feels extremely weird! Like being in a shop with lots of things is too much for my eyes and brain! I am noticing improvements as in sleeping ect but am finding my memory is also worse, i.e. What was I going to google? Who was I going to text bla bla bla. I do have more energy when I dnt feel drunk lol

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  • Hi danibat82 your brain is probably being bombarded by lots of messages from parts of you body it had previously "forgotten" or lost contact with.

    Do you know what your Folate level is?

  • Apparently my folate is good. I take folic acid every day for my thalassemia 😊

  • Well done - just checking

  • I definitely have same problem with the left side of my body. It's the strangest feeling almost like they are not your own limbs. That make sense?

  • Id love to know why many people have mote symptoms on left side of body.This is the same for me.Numbness on left arm and leg,deafness on left ear,tinnitus lefty ear and neuralgia on left side.my other symptoms affect al of body.

  • nerve damage not only can make the muscles weak and unresponsive, but they don't communicate with the brain very well. Happy healing

  • Perfect sense! X

  • i have just had acupuncture and it immediately lifted that brain fog / vision stuff. Apparently , if the chi to the brain is blocked then the blood to the brain does not flow there & results in " fog " also my heart palps have stopped too <:)

  • Brilliant! Maybe i should give it a try 😊

  • That drunk feeling and possibly some of the vision problems may be a bit of vertigo. I had it and most of the time it made me feel disoriented but sometimes I had to hold on tight like I was on some crazy carnival ride. Stay on the course and give your self time to heal.

  • I was thinking all sorts so thanks for letting me know this is normal and will go away. The gp asked why I should be referred to neuro!!!!!!! Ummmmm hello! I'm stuttering now too x

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