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Hi been having B12 injections for 7 years every 12 weeks

Asked the nurse what my readings are 400 she says they are normal readings and that my B12 is now within normal range

I said I feel so tired I can hardly function the words coming out of my mouth do not make sense

She recommended I see the doctor

I so have a couple of autoimmune diseases I know these make me tired also

What should my range be I am 65 x

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Ignore ranges. Ask the doc to determine what's causing your problems. Suggest that you try B12 jabs every 8 weeks.


Thank you will make an appointment this week

Can I just say had my B12 on weds of this week and now Sunday and still feel so fatigued been to a BBQ today and spent nearly all the time laid out on their sofa ( it was my daughter)


I have to say I didn't feel an immediate lift at all with the shots, but now that I'm self-injecting I'm starting to feel the fog lift. I'm nowhere near as far into this journey as you are, but I've lost nearly a year of work, haven't been able to get out of bed, read, write.....so the SI really feels like a massive step forward. Maybe think about trying?


Thank you for your reply I am too frightened to SI

I have an appointment to see my GP so will go from there

Wish you well take care x

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