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Hello all :)

So cut a long story short I have been feeling unwell for years, but this last week it's gone completely crazy my face is extremely pale I'm so breathless my resting heart rate has increased and I can stand because it doubles up to 180 I'm so dizzy I just feel like I'm dying! So my question is did anyone else feel like this before diagnosis, I'm getting tested for thyroid problems but I'm not convinced as my t4 and t3 and normal! Please help I'm lying in bed with my 5 year old basically caring for me because any movement my heart goes crazy 😭😭

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to be honest what you are describing doesn't really sound to me as if it is directly B12 related.

it could be an anaemia - it could be a chest infection - could be a number of other things. can't comment on the thyroid.

See you have posted recently on TUK - think the answer is pretty much the same on this forum as it was there - without the results from your visit to A&E its not really possible to comment.

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