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Feeling so ill again today (2nd B12 jab yesterday) 4 day headache, sickly,confused emotional nervous wreck...

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Feeling nervous about seeing the dr tonight really hope he doesn't fob me off :( i don't think i have the energy to fight. Relieved my partner is coming with me with a list the length of his arm i think we have covered most things. I will push to be referred to a hematologist too as my neuro symptoms are so severe its worrying me loads i feel like i have dementia my speech keeps going weird & can't remember simple things i keep going blank...

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I'll be thinking of you MissD1503 and I'm glad your partner is going with you. Try to stay calm and hopefully the doctor will look at you instead of the computer screen.

Take care now and let us know how you get on please

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MissD1503 in reply to clivealive

Thanks Clive you have been so kind with support & advise i really don't know what i would've done if i hadn't joined this group your all amazing kind people.

Thanks again i will let you know how it goes :) <3

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