Anyone have speech issues in addition to memory loss?

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all the valuable advice on this forum, it's really a very informative place! I had a question, has anyone noticed having speech issues when they were low on B12 in addition to the memory issues? For example, when talking, I seem to stutter more during the past months when I've had low B12. Also, when I try to say something, I often have to stop because the correct word won't come to my mind.

In addition, I have the usual memory loss and brain fog issues that plague people on this forum.

When I type on the computer, my writing is significantly better for whatever reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!!!

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  • not being able to find the right word is quite common in B12 deficiency - usually seems to affect names and nouns.

    Not come across stuttering before but can't think of something that would rule it out as something that could happen when someone is low in B12.

  • I frequently say the wrong words, cant think of the right word and at my worst i slur my words and even speak utter gibberish which is very disconcerting. Then there's the instances of constantly repeating myself as I've forgotten that I've already said what I'm saying and not just hours or days later but it can happen in just one short conversation. I was eventually diagnosed with P.A. when i was 27 and I'm now 50 but feel at least 70, but i'm still hanging on in there.

  • Stumbling over my words occasionally was one of the first symptoms I noticed before I started supplementing (along with forgetting people’s names, and changes in my handwriting and keyboard accuracy). Happily resolved after taking Methylcobalamin 5000 ug B12 sub-lingual daily.

  • I too had this problem which really spooked me.Half way through a sentence I would forget what I was saying.Its got better after treatment but does still occasionally happen.

  • Hi

    "when I try to say something, I often have to stop because the correct word won't come to my mind. "

    Yes to that......thankfully since I started B12, it is less of a problem. I think the medical term is nominal aphasia.

  • I couldn't remember what it was called! Nominal aphasia! I've been trying to Google it as I definitely suffer from it, but because of the nominal aphasia I couldn't decide what to put in the search! Thanks.

  • That was certainly one of the symptoms I had. Sometimes I couldn't find the word, but even when I had the words in my head I couldn't "speak my thoughts" if you know what I mean, they came out back to front - sounded like I had been on the booze!!

  • That word problem comes with the menopause too!

  • Ooh exactly my symptoms too, my memory was getting so bad I really thought I had alzheimers , I kept stuttering and saying the wrong word for things or not knowing a word at all, like the word for 'hairdryer' say, so I'd just sit there while I thought of the word getting upset and angry and telling my DD or DH to 'be quite' and just let me think!

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