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B12 memory loss at 330?

Hi all,

This is a great forum, it's so awesome to see people going through the same stuff on here!

I have a question, I was experiencing bad memory loss and general brain fog 2 months ago, and my doctor suggested I be tested for b12. It came back at 330 and I've been taking 1mg Methyl b12 twice daily for 2 months since.

I eat meat almost every day so we suspect that it's the immune disease thing that caused the low levels. My symptoms have not improved yet.

I'm afraid (since 330 isn't too too low and I'm not noticing improvement) that maybe my symptoms are being caused by something else.

My questions are 1) how long have people noticed that it takes to see improvement for memory, and 2) what we're people's levels when they noticed memory loss? Is 330 not low enough?

Thanks so much!!

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Most of this forum will be tucked up in bed now, and I'm not one of the 'experts'.

First questions - is it sublingual or tablet B12 that you are taking. Can you get a printout of your test results to include foliate and ferritin. Print them with your ranges eg, B12 103 < (180-1000)

This will ,hopefully, help the 'experts' to see what is up. Good luck.


Thanks! It's oral tablets, most studies seem to show that sublingual doesn't work too much better. I don't have the print outs but folate and ferretin are all good


Have you seen them or were you just told they were ok. Some GP's look at figures 4.1 > (4.00 - 25.00) and say "that's fine."


Folate I believe was 10.4. Not sure how fine that is


I'm not sure the oral tablets will do much to increase your levels, certainly two months is a little soon to be noticing an improvement. Is your doctor not prepared to give you injections? Have you any other symptoms apart from memory loss?

Have a look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society website for a full symptom list. It maybe there are other issues that you are experiencing. Doctors should look at all symptoms and not just the blood serum level.

My memory picked up after six months of treatment, and kept improving up to a year after treatment began. I don't expect I will find any further improvement though.


I can't recall the exact numbers for my B12 test but I was in the middle of the suggested range. My brain fog was awful coupled with pins and needles in limbs. Like you I decided to start on methylcob but went for sublingual (under tongue) from i think a company called Solgar (Holland and Barrett do them). This helped lift the fog after a few weeks, which was a relief. Have since started injections to work on the nerve issues. Sublingual circumnavigate the gut and any absorption issues you might have via that route with oral tabs. Hope the fog lifts soon for you but worth going down the sublingual route


Thank you kindly Rhead and Mari, your recovery experiences, particularly Mari's where it took over 6 months, are very comforting to hear. I do have a bunch of the other symptoms as well, and the doctor refuses to do injections, as he doesn't see a need if the tablets increase the blood levels.

Does anyone else have experiences in recovery time for memory loss and b12 levels around 330? Thank you all so much! :)


215, and still not recovered after 6 months treatment.


A B12 level of 330 isn't low.


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