Am I vitamin b deficient?

Hi guys so I don't know what to do. For months I have been having stomach issues and migraines. I have been told I have anxiety as the diagnosis for symptoms like shortness of breath. I have low vitamin d that I've been taking for about 5 months now (2000iu)(so maybe that's why I'm tired?). I also have been told I have acid reflux and have been on ppi. I was previously on a ppi in april for 1 month bc I was getting migraines and complained of stomach pain so doc must've suspected stomach damage from painkillers. I'm back on the ppi due to the reflux diagnosis but recently migraines are back and now I feel worse than ever. I have nausea and feel really out of it and disassociated (tho maybe it is migraine related). And maybe the shortness of breath is due to acid reflux? Point is everything was told to me "normal" in my blood and urine though I saw some results were extremely tiny out of range (which is why I was not told I assume). MCH was 26.4 MCHC was 30.9 RDW was 17.1 and MPV was fine but borderline at 9.1. I'm trying to set up an appointment with my doc bc my migraines /stomach issues are getting really bad (migraines every day now for almost 2 weeks) but she is booked. Meanwhile my mom is fed up bc everything gets back as "normal" but I still feel terrible. It is confusing me because it seems like I'm making this stuff up :/. I'm 17 btw

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  • Can you post a list of your blood results here? The test (e.g) B12 your result xxx and range ( yyy - zzz) That way it's easier to see where you're out of range, or maybe bumping along the bottom.

    A lot of conditions that have similar symptoms overlap. I was low in the range for B12, treated myself following information given here and my balance improved, breathlessness went, hand tremor went almost instantly, and the weird vague feeling of anxiety disappeared. However some symptoms remained and got worse, now had diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

    Start with posting a list of all your results . You'll feel better when you get advice and clarity on exactly where you're low and can be helped with this. Good luck.

  • I will post tomorrow but my regular blood tests does not test for vitamin b so I have no idea whether I am at good levels

  • Hi I've been on here a few times as started with anxiety, B12 very low, pins and needles, palpitations.I have also IBS and migraine type headaches.I have lost nearly two stone in 20 months. Now inject B12 and my shaking stopped and memory improved.

    I'm now getting burning in my wrists, ankles, legs and back. I get the impression my GP is fed up with me and no diagnosis has been made.

    I went to see a private doctor who has tried me on supplements and healthy eating. He has asked if I've seen a rheumatologist in case of rheumatoid arthritis, but another nutritionist has suggested fibromyalgia.

    Just wondering how you got diagnosed and what

    Medications you take.

    I check my blood pressure and pulse and it's always low and sometimes pulse is as low as 33.

    I did private thyroid testing and they seemed ok.

    Have an appt at GP and husband going with me

    to try and get answers.

    Any advice from anyone would be grateful.

    Thank you all.

  • Hi Sallielynne. Please can I suggest that you put your above reply in a separate new post.

    Because your reply is embedded in someone else's post, it will only be seen by those who read this post, and not by the whole forum.

    You'll get a much better response and more focused information that is specific to your question if you have a post of your own 😉😄

  • @Sallylynne, My GP had referred me to a respiratory clinic because of the breathlessness. He wouldn't accept that a low B12 (198) was causing it. I started self injecting B12 and most symptoms disappeared. The wait for respiratory was so long I'd forgotten about it but went along anyway. VERY thorough consultant. Breathing tests, blood tests, fully body scan. Could find nothing wrong and my lungs & breathing are remarkably good for 62 years old ( his words) Bloods showed some inflammation so he referred me to a Rheumatologist --- 8 month wait. I was worried it might be lupus so went privately. Meant a 200 mile trip to Bath and £220 but got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and she said def not Lupus.

    That was in May, it's now September & no possibility of NHS appointment until December at the earliest so glad I went privately.

    I'm treating myself as even if GP would listen he'll just fob me off with anti depressants---- his go-to prescription for everything.

    I'm on 4 th day with no pain ( though I'm whispering that ) it is heavenly.

    My symptoms were burning feet ( gel insoles in everything including slippers helps) Fatigue ( still got that but slight improvement) random stabbing pains anywhere, neck and head pain are the worst of my symptoms. IBS has improved with gluten free diet and reduced sugar intake. Now gone off sweet things completely.

    I've also shrunk my goitre with Kelp ( natural remedy which GP said was a waste of money and wouldn't work) and I think that has helped with the improvement.

    If you can afford it, I'd say go privately and at least then you'll get an answer. Good luck.

  • Thank you Hollyberry. I have used private consultantants this past year for MRI migraines, and gastro . Can you let me know who you used in Bath as not far away in Glos.

    What do you use naturally. Again my GP's have tried to put me on two lots of antidepressants but I had a bad reaction to both. They want to try me on Amytriptaline now!! I've read if your pulse is very low it's not a good idea to take it. I'm 60 too and before all this started was as fit as a fiddle going to the gym and swimming. I blame a lot of antibiotics for UTI's.

    Thanks again for your Help..... everyone is sooo helpful.

  • I would take a list of symptoms and how they were altered by the treatments you've had. You will be amazed at how handy such a record will be as time goes by. That is a clever move to take someone with you.

  • When we have a digestive problem it often means all our absorption processes are messed up. You already know your VitD is low and you are supplementing. You need a test for B12, ferritin and folate levels too. Can you ask your doctor to test these and post your results with the ranges ( figures in brackets after each result)? This will help us offer advice. Until my low B12 was treated I felt very unwell indeed, breathless, off balance, burning pains, pins and needles, unable to concentrate, etc...

    PPI medications do have the effect of lowering B12.

  • Hopefully she's willing to test my levels and bot just say it's anxiety. She's booked and I'm trying to get an appointment!!!

  • Hope you get your appointment soon and that she will test those other things for you. Have you ever tried taking a magnesium supplement for migraines? When mine were very bad it helped. It's best to take it last thing at night. Usually they come as a combined magnesium and calcium tablet. Worth a try while you are waiting to see your doctor.

  • I want to ask her if I can start taking that as a preventative as well

  • I take pizotifen as a migraine preventative. It doesn't stop them completely, but they are less frequent and nowhere near as bad when I do get one.

  • K---7 - suggest that you formally ask your GP to test your B12 and folate levels.

    The RDW quoted above is I think above normal range which is an indicator that you could have different anaemias going on- eg iron and B12/folate deficiencies.

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