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How can I increase folate level

Morning all, I have been supplementing with Thorne basic B which contains 400 Methyl folate since my result in May was 7.36 (3.89-26.8). This week I rechecked and the level was 11 but a different range (2.91-50). Is this better or much the same? I've also increased the amount of green leafy veg and am a bit puzzled as what to do next.

B12 is now above 1083 (140-724) as I had also supplemented with 5000 Methyl b12 which I will now reduce to 1000 daily.

I also take levothyroxine and have posted on Thyroid site- levels now good.

I still have tingling in my hands and left foot, otherwise feel much better.

Just wonder how to improve folate now, Clivealive are you there, thanks :)

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I think just up your intake of folate to 800mcg or a bit more. 400mcg is the recommended daily amount and therefore you are not taking a large amount. Buy some folic acid or other vitamin B9 tablets.


Thank you mightydrunken (great name!) I will do that and see what happens :)


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