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How much folate do you take?

Hey everyone, I was just curious to know how much folate you guys take as I think it helps with b12 absorption? . Found out I'm folate deficient but b12 was about 230 which is low normal. Also I found out I have the mthfr a1298c homozygous gene so iv now got some decent folate supplements but I'm not sure what dosage to take. Also got the better you b12 spray coming tomorrow which is 1200 mcg. Would 400 mcg folate be ok to take for now?

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Hi leahcim personally I have taken 1 – Folic Acid 400μg tablet every day for more years than I can remember but if you are concerned have a word with your pharmacist who will be happy to advise you.

As others have said bumping up your veggies to go with your meat is the natural way to go and many breakfast cereals nowadays are fortified with folic acid.

I am not a medically trained person but I've had P.A. (a form of B12 deficiency) for more than 45 years.

I wish you well



nad PS -400mcg won't do any harm.

unlikely that the genetic variant you have would affect processing of B12

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leahcim - please read this notice about B12 supplementation before diagnosis ofaB12 absorption. This is taken from the forums pinned posts

raising serum B12 levels can actually lead to a functional deficiency so I would caution against using the spray until you are sure that you have a B12 absorption problem. If you don't then it is likely to raise your B12 levels above the normal range which can lead to problems.

How symptomatic are you?

Have you tried taking some lower dosage supplements to see what that does to your levels?

I note that you are on TUK so may have hashi's - if so that certainly does increase the risk of having B12 absorption problems. Also note that levels may have fallen from 289ng/L but would be good if you could provide the units for the test avove - if they were pmol/L then your levels would be consistent implying that you don't have an absorption problem


we've actually spoke before via PM lol im sorry i always bother you :P iv never had a b12 injection and theres no way a gp round heres going to give me one, last b12 lvl i believe was 250 197-700. iv forgotten about b12 for the last few months tbh as iv just been trying to get on with my symptoms :( but when i got vertigo yesterday i started looking into it again. as iv never had an injection before im to scared about trying self injections incase im allergic.


was the range/unit of measure the same for both tests? if so then you definitely have an absorption problem.

Hope that the spray works out.

If you decide to self inject because you can't get a GP to listen then make sure that you have a friend with you first time so if something does go wrong they can get help, but allergic reactions are very,very,very rare.


On the topic of allergic reactions, I can no longer have hydroxocobalamin due to a severe allergic reaction, I now have to have cyanocobalamin injections. So please do have someone with you if you are self injecting.

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I take 5mg of folic acid daily and SI b12 every 6 weeks both of whic are prescribed by my GP


Am I reading this correct. You take a folic acid a day and only 1 sublingual pill every six weeks. What dosage is your b12 sublingual? Are you b12 defienicey? One pill every six weeks seems low.


i get a b12 injection every 6 weeks and take folic acid daily


I can't take folic acid, as possible myhfr too! I take methylfolate usually solgar, I take 800mcg split throughout the day, some days I need a little more if its injection day, I try and avoid folic acid


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