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High Ferritin taking Prenatals

Good Morning!!!I'm hoping somebody can answer me. I was taking prenatal vitamins for 9 mos.I wasn't trying to get pregnant.I was taking it with biotin for my hair.

The prenatal vitamins has 150% of iron.(makes me throw up why I was taking it) So I went to my well check up in the Ob I suggested to check my thyroid levels.After few days I just received a call from Hematologist.They said I have to make appointment because OB referred me.My thyroid levels are ok but my ferritin level was high 168 normal range (11-150)

So I went to see the Hematologist he said I have to stop my prenatal vitamins.He believes it was from it.And I will come back to check my ferritin levels after 3 weeks and make sure no period.So I came back I was expecting for lower ferritin but instead it was 229.I started getting worried.So ordered more tests for HIV,hepa,and hemochromatosis .All came back negative and he said I don't have any inflammatory markers.Which gave me a relief.But I came back for another test for thalassemia.I haven't talked to the doctor yet but I saw online negative results.I'm just wondering if he will ask for another test? And does anybody know how many weeks iron supplements like my prenatal stay on my system? And why my ferritin goes up instead going down when I quit taking it for 3 weeks?

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Dep193, although the forum has anaemia in its title - it is actually a misnomer. PA is actually a problem absorbing B12 that can also cause problems absorbing other vitamins and minerals. A particular form of anaemia is one common symptom of B12 deficiency but it isn't a defining characteristic.

Just warning you that I suspect this forum isn't the right place for your queries.


Thank You!:)

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