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Hi guys

Wondering if someone could please help. I get flip flop feeling in my chest. I have thyroid problens but dr says they are ok now but my iron ferritin level is 14 and the thuds are back. They terrify me so much and give me panic and anxiety. Im on iron tablets for a week but have been anemic on and off for yrs but never had the heart thuds. Is 14 low ? Could it be because of the iron levels im feeling like this? Im scared. It stopped for 2 months but y come back. Please help me

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  • Have you had your B12 or folate checked?, I see from your other posts that you have other symptoms, numbness and tinnitus.

    Being deficient in these as well as iron can cause palpitations and thudding heart, believe me I know, scarey episodes! If you have had them checked, you could put your results on here and many will advise.

    Have look at the pinned posts on here (at the bottom if on mobile) there are a list of symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency and scenarios of what could cause it.

    In answer to your question, yes, low ferritin could be causing your symptoms, also because you have Thyroid problems I'm pretty sure the levels should be at least mid-range.

  • I had low b12 two months ago but got 3 shot s over 3 weeks dr said ill be good for a while. Folate was fine. I am so depressed and cant live normally with them. Ruins every mood .

  • You say it 'stopped for two months' was that after you had your loading shots of B12? Have you been tested for PA? You might need more frequent injections.

    Has the doctor investigated your anaemia? Heavy periods? Oops assuming you are female lol! There is other iron tablets that won't upset your digestive system that you could try, gentle iron.

  • Heavy period yes... i had taken maltofer... i feel like the b12 helped or my thyroid dose helped now that it is steady and normal. I dint know what to do! I so depressed and have bad thoughts

  • Reading your other posts I see your TSH was too high. Where is it now - with ranges ??

  • Now my tsh is 0.82 which i was told is good

  • Do you have the other results and ranges for the FT4 and FT3. What dose are you on of Levo ? Others have suggested you are not taking enough ....

  • Now my tsh is 0.82 which i was told is good

  • That post was from months ago. My endo says im in good ranges now amd the palps have heavily reduced but still get them. I went to the gp today amd got a b12 shot amd will.monthly afterr having them weekly for 3 weeks months ago as i was low amd wanted to avoid being low. My t3 currently is 4.7 and t4 is 19.0 . She also raised my iron tablet ferro gradument with vit c 2 a day. Can iron tabs give you ectopics?

  • It's the iron deficiency and possibly B12 deficiency most probably causing them.

  • That ferritin is too low as well. They should be doing a full iron panel on u. I receive iron infusions when my ferritin drops below 50 I have celiac and can not take oral iron. If you are taking iron and it is still this low they need to treat you it makes a HUGE difference for me. I hope u get to feeling better soon..

  • 1r is super low is it? She offerrd it to me in 3 mths if its the same. She recommended 2 tabs and to eat liver. Ewwwww but said its the fastest way.

    Did you get ectopics from low iron?

  • 3 months is a long time to be so miserable. I wish some of these doctorscould understand that quality of life is important. I get terrible symptoms when mine is low including palpitations, severe fatigue and muscle pain. I have never had anemia from the ferritin only from the b12 but have been getting iron infusions off and on for 6 years. Hope this helps..

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