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I'm so glad I found this community. It's been wonderful to find this much knowledge on the subject. I have a question, did anyone else have a cold nose before they started their B12 shots? The tip of my nose was always freezing, even in the summer. I would cup my hand around my nose to try to keep it warm. I was thinking about knitting a nose cozy. I never thought it could be a symptom of low B12, but when I had my first B12 shot the tip of my nose became toasty warm. It felt so wonderful I told everyone about it. My family thought I was crazy but It's really nice to have a warm nose again. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

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  • Hi MoKayD was your nose literally cold to the external touch or did you simply sense that it was cold?

    A vitamin B12 deficiency affects the ends of the nerves preventing the signal to "get through". The B12 you are having injected repairs the damage and all of a sudden the brain gets messages from parts of the body it had "forgotten".

    Apart from a cold nose, what other symptoms do you have?

    I'm not a medically trained person but hopefully there are others on here who will be able to give you advice.

  • That's an interesting question. The tip of my nose felt cold and when I covered it with my hand it warmed up, so I think it was actually cold.

    My pernicious anemia saga started with feeling totally exhausted and I began chewing on ice. I'd never chewed on ice before. A friend told me that ice chewing was a sign of iron deficiency. I went to my doctor to have him check my iron levels and sure enough I was really low. I started taking iron supplements and got my iron levels back up in the normal range. During this time I was having other strange physical symptoms; shortness of breath, extreme dizziness, anxiety, and insomnia. I attributed these symptoms to my perimenopauseal state. There was one symptom that I couldn't explain away, increasing numbness in my toes. I saw my GP about the numb toes and he sent me to a podiatrist who prescribed shoe inserts (which helped not at all.) I was doing some online searches and read that low B12 could cause numb toes and that B12 deficiency often occurred with low iron levels. I showed the information to my doctor and he tested my blood for B12. I was at 112. He told me to take supplements and come back in a few months. When I went back my B12 levels were at 87. It was then he started me on B12 shots. After my first shot i started feeling great. I think I am slowly regaining some of the feeling in my toes.

  • I'm glad that you have been able to get to the bottom of things MoKayD - all I know is that noses run in my family - blow it... :)

    I wish you well.

  • Prior to injections my hands, feet and nose were cold to the touch, even in summer. Granted usually only cold if i was inside of a house that was air conditioned below 78 degrees f. I always thought it was because i had poor circulation or something and never mentioned it to any doctor.

    After injections... gone. Doesnt happen anymore.

  • I had a cold nose - not as bad as yours but it's gone since I managed to get my B12 levels where they needed to be. Don't think it is listed as a classic symptom but ...

  • Exactly, I've never seen it listed as a symptom but as soon as I received my first couple of shots my nose started tingling and then it became warm. I hadn't realized how much it bothered me to have a cold nose all of the time.

  • Good morning,

    I am sorry but I laughed out loud reading your post. My nose was the bane of my life, and still can be at times. Not only cold but changes colour. As did my mothers . She was also PA and under active thyroid.

    I sometimes wonder if her Alzheimer's was at least exacerbated by poor B12


    All ladies in my family are on or were on B12. At least in my grans day they routinely injected every 4 weeks.😡my GP assured me my symptoms from week 8 are totally psychosomatic . It's my head that needs sorted!!!!! Heh Ho 😢

  • I get a shot once a month which is great, but by week four I start to feel tired and foggy. I don't know how you can make it with a shot only every 8 weeks. I can get shots at my doctor's office whenever I want, but it's kind of a pain to have to take time off work and drive there. I'm thinking of trying to give myself shots. Ugh, I really don't like the idea but it would be so much more convenient.

  • Yes, my GP also asked me if I thought my symptoms were anxiety related, and that was after the low B12 diagnosis 🙄. And yes - I also have a cold nose 👃. Really happy for you that the loading doses have done the trick 😊

  • I just got tested and my B12 was less than 111 I am hoping that is why all my extremities have been cold for the last several years, including my nose, which in the last year has also had a tendency to change colour I like the idea of a nose cozy!

  • My nose feet and hands always cold. Nose goes purple and people think I am a boozer, which I am not and never have been. It has improved over the last nearly 12 months of daily shots of hydroxy I am a self injector as my g.p. well very pleasant but a bit of a waste of space. Before I started s. I. my nose would go black when I encountered any cool air, now it only goes purple, doesn't feel so cold . Hands and feet getting better too.

    Best luck


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