B12 deficiency?

Ive recently been having neurological symptoms (numb cold feet) and have started researching b12 deficiency and realized I have a lot of the symptoms. I've had IBS symptoms for a year, fatigued, mouth sores,and weak muscles. But I am only 25 and not a vegetarian or vegan. But for the last two years I have been on rantidine (which is linked to low levels) and in those years I have breastfed my first daughter and was pregnant and breastfed my second daughter. My GP gave me a blood test and said my levels were fine. So what I'm asking is does it seem possible in b12 deficient?

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  • Hi Lisha1642 is it possible to get the actual B12 test result together with the ranges <from - to> and post them on here?

    Can you also check if your Folate level was checked too?

    Both the Rantidine and (if you have it) IBS may put you at risk of developing a Vitamin B12 deficiency which can affect anyone at any age.

  • I am going to try and get my results from the doctor today and will post them

  • Rantadine reduces stomach acid. What was the reason for being put on this medication? I only ask because many health professionals confuse the symptoms of low stomach acid with those of high stomach acid and prescribe acid reducing meds which, if your issue is low stomach acid, will only fuel the issue. IBS is a symptom of low stomach acid and B12 deficiency can also occur from this problem too, although it is not the only cause.

  • I had a anaphlaxis allergic reaction so my allergist put me on. H1 and H2 blockers to stop another reaction.

  • It's likely then that the prolonged use of rantadine is causing these absorption issues and IBS due to reduced stomach acid

  • Well to be more specific my IBS problems are IBS-c. So I've been suffering with constipation as well as acid reflux and gastritis.

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