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Latest blood test

Hi all

I'm just wondering about interpreting a blood test. I recently had one after not having for about a year. I have B12 monthly. Doctor said every thing is normal (thyroid, folic, folate ) & B12 high. Should i request a copy and if i do how do i know what to look for/read it? Are levelds different per country? I'm in Australia. i have ongoing fatgue...not as bad some days and then it hits me like a flu/aching joints etc. Doc thinks maybe chronic fatigue on top of everything. My finger joints, feet sore most days and ither joints when i crash. Wondering about diet too...sigh. it just never seems to improve.

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Hi Julz5 I'm not a medically trained person but if you can post the actual results with the ranges <from - to> there are folk on here who will be able to give you good advice


numbers depend on units used to measure and can vary with the test method and equipment so good idea to look at ranges.

Is your thyroid well controlled?

high B12 on maintenance doses doesn't necessarily mean you are okay - may be worth asking for MMA to be tested - it will be raised if your cells aren't getting the B12 they need - can happen if serum B12 is high and is called functional B12 deficiency


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