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Does anyone know if there is a link between pa and osteoporosis? I was diagnosed with pa September 17, given loading doses and then put on 3 monthly injections. I've managed to challenge the frequency and am now on 2 monthly injections. I've just been diagnosed with osteoporosis. When I was diagnosed with pa my vitD was very low and I've taken supplements which I buy myself. I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks.

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Hi Amesbury

I have recently been diagnosed with osteopenia, fractures of the spine and degeneration of the spinal cord.

I don't know much about these but have read that Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause them. I hope they will be of interest to you.

I found the following articles in -

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Sorry I can't get the link.

"Reversal of severe osteoporosis with vitamin B12 and etidronate therapy in a patient with pernicious anemia."

"Pernicious anaemia as a risk factor for osteoporosis."

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Well we do know that Pernicious Anaemia patients have low or no stomach acid .....due to damage of the pareital cells )Hypochlorhydria or Achlorhydria ).

Stomach acid is needed to help in the breakdown of food and the absorption of the vitamins and minerals .So absorption is hindered. Low absorption of calcium , and other minerals can lead to osteoporosis . Vitamin D is also important. There are other reasons also .

So it's good to supplement with a multi vitamin and mineral tablet , and have good diet .

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When taking good levels of VitD - based on your results - there are also important co-factors that are suggested too - magnesium and VitK2 MK7. The latter is involved in directing calcium away from the arteries and into the bones and teeth. The link below covers the much needed lifestyle and supplements to assist osteoporosis ...

Do you have your VitD result and how much are you taking ?

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My friend has had many issues from not getting B12 injections regularly enough. Without enough B12 other vitamins seem to suffer as well. You should ask your doctor to refer you as due to having PA you may not get anything from taking the vit.d tablets and would be better having vit.d injections. If the doctor says no. You can buy both b12 and vit.d patches online which you stick behind your ear.

However you need to look into the balance required. Vit.D needs calcium for those to be used within the body together to be efficient.

I have found an interesting product called Coral Calcium. This stuff is havested from dead coral in japan and ground into tablets. The core ingredient or mineral is likened to our teeth and bones. So can help to harden and strengthen. (have a look and see what you think)

Now again im insure how much you would get from tablets. However i have also found that as PA people suffer from no stomach acid. You can actually make your own substitute...... 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (needs to be raw so looks cloudy) you can buy it from supermarkets. Mix it will water and drink it. That acts as a really good substitute.

Hope some of the above helps.


Thank you all for your helpful replies. When I was diagnosed with pa in September 2017 my vit d level was very low. I don't have the figure but it was in the severe deficiency band. In the rush to treat me with b12 injections this never got any attention from GP. At the time I thought it odd to be so deficient as I had until a month before the test been regularly taking a supplement of 2200 IU (Solgar D3) or 4400 a day. I've been back on 4400 a day since October but I've not had my level tested so I will have this done as I may well have an absorption problem. I take a multi vitamin and mineral tablet as well

I will read the article you recommended. I've had a quick look but I need to read it slowly so I can take it all in.


Marz introduced me to a life saver Book everyone should read - Could It Be B12 ? An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis. (The Under Ground Classic that has saved lives)

In this book by Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart it mentions that in 2004 it was known that osteoporosis is linked to B12. Degeneration of the spinal cord also, in fact anything from head to toe (to do with the spine) might be an idea to get our B12 levels checked, starting from the top, our brain all the way down the spine to our feet can be down to B12 Def, (even drop foot is linked to B12 Deficiency.)


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