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History I went to doctors in May because of a swollen painful neck I had a scan and bloods taken .the blood tests showed b12 at 152 out of range of 152-1000

Ferritin was 31 range was12-250

Folate 7.8 range 2-18.80

Second results taken 4 weeks later where

B12 452 ferritin 91

Folate 16.3

Ranges as above only changes made are I stopped taking Centrum multi vitamins for over 50s and 1000mg of vitamin d 2 weeks before first test as I've taken them for years and I thought that taken them was giving a false higher level to my tests. During the 4 weeks between the first and second test the only thing that I did different was take high dose bit c a few days before the second test for a virus.I have not received treatment for anything other than thyroid .again thanks for your help

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Do you have any symptoms of B12 deficiency ? Did your doctor not comment on your low B12 ?


Yes had some symptoms at the time my legs ached and felt like they were burning and tingling from the knees down tongue felt like it was burning and tingling at tip I stiffened up so much when sitting for a short while it was difficult to walk I had other problems to but can't remember them at the moment some where a cross over from hashimoto. doctors went interested.


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