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Please help I'm seeing the doctor on Thursday

Bloods were taking about 3-4 weeks apart because of concerns about b12 Ferritin and folate levels .in the meantime between the 2 tests I stopped taking my over 50s Centrum and 1000 mg Holland and Barrett cod liver oil.I'm having problems trying to put pictures on here I'd be grateful for any advise on that .so in the meantime I'm having to write them sorry. First results were

B12 152_ range 150-1000

Ferritin 31. 12-250

Folate 7.8. 2-18.80

Second results

B12 452. Range 150-1000

Ferritin. 91 12- 250

Folate 16.3 2-18.80

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which results are earlier - top or bottom

were you taking any supplements at all between the results.

assuming that the upper results are the earlier ones then it would appear that you don't have a B12 absorption problem - though you may have been lacking B12 in your diet.

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on the upload problems - did you try using the add photo botton just under the text - and then browsing to where the picture is located? not sure how it would work if you are on a smart phone.

sometimes the site can be a little flaky and you may have to try a couple of times.

There will also be a link to technical support in support centre - at the bottom if you are using a browser.

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Thanks gambit I tried everything except Tec support I'm on a smart phone


Top ones are the first bottom second this is what happened I'd been supplementing with Centrum over 50 multi vitamins and high strength 1000 mg cod liver oil for years when the first bloods where taken Dr said I was ok and didn't require treatment even though I had neurological symptoms. So I stopped the supplements until after the second test but in the meantime I caught a virus now 3 weeks in. So days before that test I took high strength vitamin c 1000mg in an attempt to limit the infection


the vitamin C won't have made any difference to the B12 or folate test though may have helped with iron absorption which could have raised your ferritin.

Did your diet change at all between the two results?or did you stop taking any other medications?

I really don't understand why just stopping the supplements would have increased your B12 and folate levels but that is what seems to have happened.


Thanks gambit62 no diet or other changes


Your results are decidedly odd! It's possible that one of your tests was does happen. It might be a good idea to ask to have them run again after another 4 weeks without supplements. My system won't tolerate most multi-vitamins. I do much better eating well and using individual supplements. I do, however, have other health issues beyond anemia that may make me more sensitive.


Hello miette sorry I tried to message you back earlier but phone problems. Ill try to send again in 2 parts to put photos on


From what you have told us, one of the tests appears to be inaccurate. I did get your photo in my email and your levels did come up, quite a bit in some areas. If just one or two, it could be diet related but all of them is pretty suspicious. I am neither a detective nor a doctor but if those results were mine, I would definitely be questioning them and asking for a third series to get a clearer picture. There may be a logical reason but it is not an obvious one. A lot of people with chronic illnesses see medical errors, omissions, and just plain sloppy work. We have to advocate for ourselves all the time. We live in our bodies and are intimitely aware of changes in the way we feel. We only get one body so fight for it.


Thanks niette I intend to wait 1 or 2 months at most and have the bloods privately done as the doctors aren't interested or worried but admit to having no clue as to what's happening😠


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