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Have copies of blood test results!

Have copies of blood test results!

I now have copies of recent and past blood test results and im a little bit angry as in 2013 my blood was tested and showed out of range results but i do not remember anything being done about it or why i had the blood tests. At the time i was signed off work for depression and anxiety and left my job due to this but looking now could it have maybe been the start of my downward b12 spiral?

Any way's ill post the recent ones from last week and 2013 FBC and my bone profile from last week. Although there are not many abnormalities there are a lot of levels pretty much on or near the borders of normal range. Taking all this into account with my symptoms and serum b12 level of 272 is this still consistent with b12 deficiency?



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Macrocytosis - which is reflected in high MCH and RBDW can be caused by either B12 deficiency or folate deficiency.

Were the results before or after you started being treated for depression and anxiety and what treatment did you have - some anti-depressants can lead to folate deficiency.

The fact that the macrocytosis appears to have corrected actually points away from B12 deficiency caused by absorption problems and towards possibly being folate deficiency. It doesn't rule out a B12 problem but it just isn't clear cut.


I started antidepressant in 2012 citalopram 20mg and stopped in mid 2013 after these results but not because of the result.

Would the macrocytosis correct after loading dose injections of b12?

Thanks jen x


citalopram is an SSRI which is one of the class of anti-depressants that can deplete folate so would fit with the theory that the macrocytosis you had in 2013 results being down to folate deficiency rather than B12 deficiency. Though that was going on just the results above rather than looking through previous posts

sorry - didn't have time on Friday to look through all your previous posts but see that you were put on B12 loading doses and supplements for folic acid. Whilst it would take a few months this would correct the macrocytosis.

Think the advice in your first post still stands - if your GP doesn't revise their opinion after reviewing guidelines (which seemed to be what your previous post says) then you should join the PAS and contact them as you are not being treated correctly.


Thank you for reviewing my posts. You seem to help a lot of people on here so I would like to thank you for your time you take in reading and replying to my posts. It is really helpful for me and very appreciated.

I am going back to my GP tomorrow and will see what I can do this time. I armed with much more information this time and taking copies of guidelines with me.

Thank you

Jennie x

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