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Confused MS or B12 deficiency??????

I was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago and upon further investigation I think I have been misdiagnosed. I have come to a point now where I am desperate to discover if I am actually b12 deficient or not.

When I was 1.5 yrs old I went into hospital with diarehia and a swollen stomach and pale skin, the doctor at the hospital kept me in for 4 days and treated me for folate deficiency anemia. I left the hospital with the same swollen stomach with which I entered and the doc put it down to constipation.

I always had a big distended stomach as a child and in to my later life, does this suggest that I had penicious anemia? Which has caused scarring on my brain and spinal cord which led to an incorrect MS diagnosis.

What is worse is I resently had a private heamotoligist take bloods and test me for the following:

1. full blood count

2. anti intrinic factor antibody screen

3. folate serum

4.thyroid stimulating hormone

5. Vit b12 Cyanocobalamin

The qustion I am asking myself is was the test carried out a SERUM b12 test or an active b12 test which would give very differing results...

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I think the same thing has happened to my brother. He either has both M.S and B12 deficiency or Pernicious Anemia or is misdiagnosed. A very difficult situation to be in. The Gp wouldn't test his MMA or Homocysteine said it was too expensive but very grudgingly gave b12 loading doses.

I won't hijack your post but if you are interested you can read past posts by clicking on peoples ID. And write personal messages.

Good luck.

M 😀


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