Positive I.F. just out of curiosity

I know that many people don't have their I.F. tested, because of its unreliability, or it comes back negative when it shouldn't, but I wondered how many people have tested positive.

It's purely out of curiosity. Mine tested positive, which I was very relieved about, as it would have been a struggle to get my G.P. to treat me without it, as my serum B12 was 'normal' at 250 and all of my symptoms were in my head apparently.

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  • I tested positive for anti-IF antibodies but my mum did not. We both had B12 results of <125ng/L (range 180-2000 - they don't quantify it below 125ng/L in our city) I only got tested after my mum was told she had pernicious anaemia (before her anti-IF antibody results were back). We are both on B12 for life now.

  • i also tested positive on diagnosis 10 years ago. the test was repeated last year (don't know why) this was also positive.

  • I tested positive as well and, like you, was actually relieved to have an explanation for what was going on. My father had been diagnosed with PA but don't know how - that was back in the 1950s.

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