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PA/Feeling great !

I thought id update with regard to my PA.

Had all the issues everyone had on this site sometime much worse.

I felt like giving up but thought i would do what I do best and fight.

I educated my self and kept a diary of what works for me.

So I know so many posts on here mine would probably get lost so I will repeat for new comers ect what works for me.

Hydroxocobalamin injection once a month

Vegan B12 sublingual by global healing everyday

Vitamin D3 5,000 iu

Vitamin C liposomal 1000mg by Dr Mercola

Folate 1000mcg as [metafolin]

Maltofer iron tablets

Magnesium malate 1,300mg [Natures Life}

zinc but have ordered zinc orotate which is better so cant wait.

I limit to one coffee a day!

no more pain no more sleepless nights feel myself walk briskly no out of breath moments


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Hi kmalbasich it's good to read you are doing so well :)


So glad for you to be feeling better! Thanks for sharing. Gives a gal hope. 😀

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