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Hypothyroidism and migraine with aura

Had my second migraine with aura yesterday, first one back in December.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in September last year and started on Levothyroxine.

Also diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia in January and had the usual loading doses, and now on monthly injections.

I also take folic acid for low iron levels.

I have never had a migraine until last December, so I am keen to know if there is a link between thyroid meds and low iron/magnesium levels?

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I had my first around July last year and I've had three in total. My worst was on August 6th last year and I also believe that's the day my world changed.

I'd been out walking and really pushed myself and ended up in bed. That night I got the zigzag lines and found it really hard to see. It was one of the most frightening moments of my 46 years.

Since then I've just not felt right.

I did a private test in October and found my b12 was 153pg and after getting past blood results from the Gp I found I was 146pg back in 2012 and never got any treatment.

I firmly believe that being low so long caused damage that all came to a head in June-August last year.

In June/July I noticed some light sensitivity and my heart rate was low laying down and much quicker standing up.

Luckily I've not had another migraine since starting b12 but the thought of them still has a big impact on how I am.


you mention thyroid meds - have you posted on the TUK forum?


Yes i posted there first - no resonse so far!


I was getting severe migraines before my Addison's Disease dx, and now only get them if my cortisol is running low for some reason and I need to bump the dose up. Have you been tested for that? It is quite a common topic on the Addison's pages. It's autoimmune so something to watch out for if you have other autoimmune conditions.


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