Antidepressants and dependency

Looks like there are growing concerns about antidepressants causing dependency - ie being addictive.

Just thinking about how often people get told B12 is addictive and they really have depression and anxiety and should take some antidepressants instead

and thanks to helvella for posting this on TUK

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  • Thanks Gambit62.

    The Guardian is excelling itself in some of the medical stories it has carried more recently. Thankfully they are almost always much more balanced and readable than the headline-screamers published in, ummm, some other "newspapers".

    The link below appears not to be B12-related, but given the prevalence of distressing tinnitus among B12 sufferers, seems sadly relevant. (Yes - I have had tinnitus since I was about 7 or 8 years old. Probably not caused by B12 issues - but how could I possibly know all this time later?):

    Inspiral Carpets drummer killed himself after 20 years of 'unbearable' tinnitus

    Wife of Manchester musician Craig Gill tells inquest her husband had long suffered from sleep deprivation and anxiety due to ear condition

  • Yes, I was told exactly that . When I said that one injection was not enough . I was told that I could get addicted if I had more . Additionally too much B12 was toxic , but I was offered anti-depressants! Never thought to ask for scientific evidence . Thanks again Gambit62.

  • I am totally addicted to B12 - but then I've had P.A for 45 years.

    However during the 13 years between the gastric surgery in 1959 and (eventual diagnosis after two Schilling tests) diagnosis in 1972 in the late 1960s I went through a dreadful sequence of depression and suicidal tendencies and was put on maximum strength Valium, Librium and Tofranil in addition to Neutradonna to calm my heaving stomach.

    I was virtually reduced to a "staggering Zombie"

    If only my original surgeon and then doctor had known the "connection" between gastric surgery and P.A......

  • I'm just waiting for my NHS GP to offer me anti - depressants instead of the vit D, vit K and possibly calcium that my spinal consultant wants me to have.

    "Do you get fed up" when I asked for the vitamins. (yes but not as fed up as I do with useless GP's)

    They don't know that I never take anti depressants or sleeping pills or indigestion remedies, but am waiting to see if they are offered !

    Have already had "overdosing on B12."

  • Yes , thank goodness that I'm able to "overdose " , or I would be very ill !

  • Me too, glad I can 'overdose'. I would not tell my NHS how much B12 I get. If I started SI I would not tell them that either.

    They were prepared to let me go nine months without an injection and offered me a stick for my neurological symptoms

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