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Very happy with B12 Shots

Hi Guys,

I just want to let you know where I am at, I had three loading, 1 a week for a month, and onto my second in a fortnight. My Dr will review after that, probably once a month for life maybe. I just wanted to let everyone know that I truly feel better, my major symptoms were anxiety, forgetfulness and maybe slight depression.

I have seen after my treatment so far, all these symptoms dissapear, I feel that after 3 months your body starts to work well with the B12 built up. I also take sublingual one everyday. 1000

I am just so greatful that the doctor I saw on the day, knew it was probably B12, I feared antidepressants or some other drugs, which I now know would have not been required.

I say to everyone just starting on B12 to stay positive and wait for the results to show up.


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You are exceedingly fortunate in having a knowledgeable GP ! 3 cheers for him or her ! Best wishes !


Congratulations! From what I have been reading you're very lucky. Do you mind me asking how soon you started to feel a difference?

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Congratulations , thinking of moving to Australia 😀☀️💉

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It has been 2months, I am now heading into my 3 month, what makes it great over here, is you are able to see a nurse in a medical centre for your injection.

I need further testing to see if I have stored B12, or if I need monthly for the rest of my life.

I noticed that I started to feel better after 2months, I believe it can take 3 months for blood cells to change in your system.

I found that the B12 cleared my mind, and I was able to look at my anxiety and mood, and found that I was no longer having any worry.

I have been going through the odd pimple here and there, also muscle spasms etc, all have now settled, so was not sure if this was all due to the B12.

I am glad my Doctor just knew what this could be, rather than prescribing antidepressants etc.

I feel some people feel bad that they have to have these injections, I say see it as a positive embrace the treatment and have a positive mind.



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