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B12d and Cortisol?

After a B12D diagnosis, mid December 2016, following a number of blood tests due to having "classic" B12 deficiency symptoms including big neurological one's, but apparently no anaemia, I was started on the usual loading phase followed by weekly B12 injections, which I have had now for the last 12 weeks, plus numerous additional blood tests.

My GP has just sent me a message via his secretary, that he wants me to have yet another blood test, specifically to test my Cortisol levels. Having been reading this site regularly since I was first diagnosed, I do not recall anyone ever having mentioned Cortisol levels or testing.......can anyone enlighten me as to why this would be requested and the likely reason for it please.

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this article might explain more


Thanks for the link - I haven't visited this site for a very long time and it's really improved - very useful and simply expressed explanations. Lots of questions answered on the first page. Personally, the info about the pituitary really struck a chord, as when I first met my current GP he said he thought I had nervous system/pituitary damage but he didn't know why and there was no treatment. According to the info on the site, low B12 damages the pituitary.


I don't trust anything from that site. Never have. It is full of such dodgy gems as -

the heart is a big bundle of a special sort of muscle which is also nerve


lack of references is a bit frustrating but not a lot of time to research other info

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