Newly diagnosed.... anyone want to help a newbie?


I recently tested low for Vit B12. I have started the injections which I am getting 1 every week. I have been anemic since 1998 ( birth of last child) and I also have low Vit D. My other issues are diagnosed with Fibro ( could it just be the Vit B12?). I also just dx with adrenal tumor ( high cortisol levels) and a tumor on my ovaries. Can you say hot mess? My biggest complaint is my eyes. They burn, they water and they hurt. I have been to 2 drs . they say nothing is wrong. Could all this be related to Vit B12?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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  • It might be a good idea to go to an opthalmist who have specialist equipment to look into your eyes.

  • Hi, I have gone to one. He just gave me a Rx for Restasis. It made my eyes worse so I stopped taking it.

  • Are you in the UK?

    What frequency and how many B12 injections are you having?

    Were your iron and Folate levels tested?

    Is your Vitamin D deficiency being treated?

    I'm not medically trained but I've not heard of B12 deficiency causing eye problems so as Lisahelen suggests it would probably pay to go to an ophthalmist.

  • I am in the US. I am getting the B12 shots every week. My Iron level is very low and my Vit D levels are low. I am taking supplements for both.

  • Hi, can only speak from my symptoms but yes I get very watery eyes sometimes it lasts all day and sometimes I feel as if i've been punched in the eye its so tender it hurts just to touch the area, have been tested for infection and it came back clear, have seen optician with no result what so ever .Hope you get on ok. All best wishes

  • Hi Amtanken, the fluid behind my eye changed density around March last year and the reyna almost detached. This has left me with thick wavy lines in my lense. It has never gone away. When it happened I asked my doctor what caused it she said "it just happens". I realise now after much research of this and my other symptoms, including neurological issues, when putting the connections together they were all symptomatic of b12 deficiency. I also get very watery eyes especially if in the cold, and have pain in my eyes. It was June before I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency 164, and I feel much damage done so do not hesitate to get adequate b12. I self inject every other day. I hope this is helpful.

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