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Confused by blood results

I've had results back from recent bloods, all is now well after nearly everything out of kilt! The things that are confusing me is that monocytes are below and basophil is now above recommend limit, these where the ones of few that where actually within range before loading doses.

I've read that low monocytes are an indication of low vitamin B12, I've also had my first three monthly jab of B12 less than a month ago! I am taking antihistamines at the moment, folic acid and 1000ug vit B12 tablets. I'm having an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week which might shed some light if it's absorption problems. Could anyone please tell me if these blood results are anything I should be bothered about as doctor has put the results as 'satisfactory'. Thanks x

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Link about full blood count that may be helpful.

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Thanks Sleepybunny.


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