SI Newbie here, question on ampoules - how to get all medicine out?

Hi there, and many thanks for this wonderful forum.

I started my SI journey on Monday - and actually wrote a post about the confusion of 0.5ml liquid vs the 1 ml I ordered. However, today after self injecting the second time, I noticed --- dafty me??!! ---- that in each of the ampoules I used there was still liquid left in the top of the ampoule. (I used 3 ampoules to get 2 ml worth of the 1.5mcg per 1ml Hydroxo)

So apparently each ampoule does have 1ml of liquid in it, but... how on earth do I get the whole liquid to descend down? I mean, it just stays up in the ampoule... I'm missing something obvious surely ?

(I use Pascoe ampoules that I ordered from

Thanks in advance for any help

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  • the design of the ampoule means that you can invert it without the liquid leaking out (surface tension). I tend to find that I don't need to fully invert but only partially.

  • Hi Gambit, thanks for your reply but sorry could you still explain please how to get the liquid out without half of it getting stuck at the lid which I break when opening, ie it gets unused? many thanks

  • before you open the ampoule flick the top with your index finger until all the liquid is in the bottom of the ampoule

  • amaazing thanks!!

  • Hey thanks a lot! Always good to hear it from the professionals :)

  • Hold the ampoule between thumb and forefinger then flick the top with a finger of the other hand. The liquid will move into the ampoule itself. It can take several flicks to get it all down.

  • amaazing, thanks for your reply!

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