Update: picture of sons results

18yr old son stomach bloating, breatlless(sigh) recurrent mouth ulcers, fatigue, poor memory.

Bloods: June b12 142 June rechecked b12 174. Latest bloods for Ferritin 26 (20-330) folate 9.4 (4-20) also vit d 18 (30-300). B12 active 33 (25-108) MMA 265 (0-280) IF and Part Cell negative. Family history of PA (mum and grandfather) other autoimmune def in family - Vitiligo . Please tell me I'm not imagining things - I think my Son has PA!

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  • Here's what NICE say about the GPC antibody test...

    If anti-parietal cell antibody is not present it is unlikely that the person has pernicious anaemia,

  • Hi

    Your not going mad what is clear is that your son's symptoms are familiar to B12 deficiency and his B12is very low as is his Vit D. His ferritin level is just getting by and should be over 100 for optimum levels, folate is midway but could benefit from supplement but don't start until B12 deficiency is investigated. Is your son vegetarian or vegan? And have you spoken to the pernicious anemia society for advice?

  • Hi holehead, he's got a normal diet. I've spoken to Martin, but not much help really!

  • How supportive is your GP over the B12 as many have little interest. Have they suggested any injections as his level is withing NICE guidelines for medication with neurological symptoms, have you a copy of the latest Guidelines? I know how worried you will be having a 19 year old son myself who is complaining of tiredness etc and my own B12 deficiency do hope you get sorted as the other option is Self injection as I do. If it comes to that then do come back as there are many good people who will support you.


  • I've asked GP for b12 and she won't do it. He has been referred to heamatology and a second referral to Gastro! I'm myself si and I do have a pa diagnosis.

  • I don't think I've seen the NICE guidelines, I have BSCH guidelines even showing that to GP made no difference other than referral to Haemo. She's basically passed the buck to the so called professional - who I believe from other comments on PA site don't follow their own guidelines. What hope do we have if that's what we're facing!

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