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Hi! day 5 of loading dose

I'm on day five of my once a day for a week loading dose...then I switch to once a week for three weeks and then once a month. Had a rough go of it the first couple days with nausea and intense nerve pain but am not getting as many side effects. I've been deficient for quite some time so I'm looking forward to seeing results. I'm self injecting which is a miracle for me as I hate needles. But so far so good. I've been struggling with deficiently for several years and am pretty sure I have permanent damage. I have many other issues so I'm constantly fighting the drs for treatment. I wish I lived in the U.K. where I could use protocols but it's almost as hard to get vitamin treatment as pain killers in the US. I'm 35 and have been disabled since I was 30. Still just a bunch of random diagnoses but I'm hoping helping the b12 will help me have a better quality of life

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Hi TenilleMarie

I take it that you are injecting cyanocobamalin over there in the U.S? Do you know what your Folate level is as this works with B12 to help iron make red blood cells.

I'm not medically trained but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice.


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