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Subcutaneous B12 Ampoules

Hi All. I'm new here. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a few months ago and now suspect I have a deficiency of B12 and possibly folate. I have many symptoms but haven't been "officially" diagnosed. My faith in the NHS isn't particularly strong at the moment.

I would be very grateful if someone could message me where I could get subcutaneous B12 ampoules without a prescription. Many thanks.

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Guessing you have a deficiency isn't a sensible way to progress. You really should get B12 and folate tested first.


with fbirder on this.

Supplementing with high doses of B12 and/or self injecting when you don't have an absorption problem can actually lead to other problems with metabolism of B12. The symptoms of a B12 deficiency and a folate deficiency overlap considerably and folate is much more straight forward to treat.

get tested - or share test results that you already have - and also a list of symptoms as serum B12 isn't a test that can be used as a single marker of a deficiency.


some people respond to high levels of B12 in their blood by producing antibodies that stop the B12 getting through to cells leading to a functional deficiency


left untreated it could be - in theory there would be a point at which the serum levels drop so the auto-immune response stops but it could take a very long time.

ironically one effective treatment for functional deficiency is elevating B12 levels further - but if you don't have a deficiency in the first place then seems to be unnecessarily complicating things (and incurs unnecessary expense) to risk needing to keep levels really high.


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