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First SI

Well after a decent week following my first b12 injection on the 6th of April at the GP surgery I've had two pretty awful days so i bit the bullet at did my first SI at 15:18 (18/4/2017).

I'm sat here feeling quite nervous and tired but that's 2 hours past now and I'm ok.

The question now though is how often to SI with the first lasting a week before I felt bad.

I was by no means well but I felt quite a bit better up to day 9 after feeling a tad odd the first two days.

Also obviously I'm not certain if it's more b12 I needed or if I'm low on anything else now as I stopped all supplements on the 5th.

My last folate was >24 four weeks ago and I'm getting plenty of potassium from bananas and coconut water.

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suggest that you keep a diary of symptoms and use that to decide what you need to be monitoring to decide how frequently you inject - go by symptoms ... and if you aren't noticing any change over time then that gives you some evidence that there is something else going on.

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I did feel much better last week and people commented on how different I was. I even got into work two days and had energy into the evening.

All of which could be placebo but it certainly didn't feel like it.

I didn't realise how well I'd actually felt until it went away and i felt bad again.


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