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Advice please, just told got H.Pylori by Gastro, but don`t have P.A. even with positive I.F.A and P.C.A

Hi all,

just back from Gastro follow up, told I have H.Pylori and mild Gastric Atrophy, BUT, do not have Pernicious Anaemia even with positive Intrinsic Factor Antibodies and positive Parietal Cell Antibodies.

Gasro prescribed PPI to take with Antibiotics, but surely I have low stomach acid not high ? or is the PPI to help Antibiotics work ?

I am glad I decided to SI 3 months ago ( with good results on symptoms ) otherwise it would have been a wait of over 6 months since GP said I had PA ( but did not have anaemia ) until now !!

My question to our experts out there is, can the H.Pylori be the cause of the positive antibodies results, and if H.Pylori is eradicated will the Parietal Cells repair and IFA repair meaning no Pernicious Anaemia ?

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Had you supplemented in the ten days before the IFA test - if not then the positive result is a strong indicator that you do have PA - if you did supplement then it could be a false positive.

Guess the gastro thinks that only one thing can be going on at a time - life would be so much easier if that was the case.

The PPIs are to help with the anti-biotics. If you are having injectings then they won't be affecting your B12 levels.


Thanks for reply Gambit62.

My positive IFA came during my annual Heart Disease Blood Test, well before I decided to self treat.

Am I correct in that the H.Pyori can be got rid of, but as my IFA and Parietal Cells are positive, there will still be some degree of Gastric Atrophy going on ?

Do other members treat with things like sauerkraut etc ?


H Pylori can be treated and if that was the source of a deficiency then once it was resolved further maintenance shots wouldn't be needed.

PA doesn't reverse.

Think some use sauerkraut but think that is more to do with levels of stomach acidity.


Hi Barry,

"BUT, do not have Pernicious Anaemia even with positive Intrinsic Factor Antibodies and positive Parietal Cell Antibodies."

I am not a medic but am surprised that with positive intrinsic factor antibodies and positive parietal cells, you have been told you do not have PA.

I'd strongly suggest contacting the PAS and asking if there are other conditions that can cause positive intrinsic factor antibodies and positive parietal cells besides PA.


PAS tel no +44 (0)1656 769 717 answerphone so messages can be left.

My personal experience is that even consultants can sometimes lack understanding about b12 deficiency.

Articles about H Pylori


Thanks for the reply Sleepybunny, and others,

All of this GP indecision and wanting Consultant verification that I do have PA, has been going on since October last year ( when GP said I had PA and gave me print out on PA by Patient. UK with all symptoms/treatment etc ) due to the positive bloods, but wanted further investigation . I managed to get loading doses over 6 weeks, then nothing as Iwas not anaemic. 2nd GP unwilling to inject alternate days until symptoms stopped improving incase of overdosing ! Again wanting proof from higher above. Now Gastro stating I don't have a B12 problem as bloods all fine, totally ignoring positive antiboby results, so no PROOF going to GP`s, just have H.Pylori and signs of Gastric Atrophy ?!

Been to get my Anti-Biotics for the H.Pylori today, and another GP said she is concerned that I am self injecting with an unregulated product, and thinks I should see Hematologist ?

The link to info on H.Pylori is eye opening, such a minefield, and to think 50% of us carry the bacteria around with us.

Will be phoning PAS Office when it re-opens tomorrow , need clarification and maybe help to educate my Health Professionals that I DO have PA.

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Just guessing, but some doctors say that if you have antibodies it doesn't mean you have the disease (an endocrinologist told me this about thyroid) so possibly they meant that even though you have antibodies (and symptoms, presumably?) you don't have the enlarged red blood cells which they think is the evidence of PA??

I think the best thing is to get in touch with the PA Society as Sleepybunny suggests. It sounds contradictory and confusing. And maybe contact the Gastro or GP for further clarification?


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